In The Garden

A Bowl Full of Fall

In a large chocolate terracotta bowl-shaped container we mixed up a colorful combination of autumn hues. Keep reading to learn how you can make your own fall planter.

Garden Patina

You often hear people say they want a shiny new car, but you don’t ever hear anyone say they want a shiny new garden. In fact most people want their new gardens to immediately look established and aged.

Stayin’ Alive

Late summer gardening can be tough. Gardeners don’t want to be outside and plants are just hanging on. However, if you and your garden can endure these difficult times, September and October will bring cooler temperatures and a pretty garden.

A Breath of Fresh Air

More commonly known as “air plants,” Tillandsias are the largest genus of the bromeliad family. Air plants are an oddity in the plant world because they don’t require soil.

Little Vases

After setting out all those plants in the spring, it is now time to cut some foliage and flowers and bring them into the house to enjoy.

From Garden to Table

Every year, some people who would never grow an entire vegetable garden will buy a tomato plant to set in a pot just to experience the unbelievable flavor of a homegrown tomato. Nothing beats the taste and satisfaction you get from produce that you plant and harvest with your own hands.

Gardening with Vision

I think the most essential tool used while gardening isn’t gloves, pruners, or even a hand trowel. If you want to be a really good gardener, the eyes are as essential to gardening as the tools in your shed.

Winter’s Casualties

We’ve been spoiled in Birmingham, because our winters have been so mild the last few years. Tender annuals and tropical plants have been over wintering, becoming perennials, but this past winter was brutal.

Decorate Your Garden

Most people who own a house typically have a yard, but when the yard is “decorated,” it becomes a garden, a little piece of paradise right outside the door.

Have a Green House

If your home is looking empty after removing all the holiday garland, you might want to invest in a few interior plants to fill the space.

Bloom’n Bulbs for the Holidays

Good news! We don’t have to wait several months for daffodils to bloom to enjoy the beauty of bulbs. During winter’s cool weather, we can get our gardening fix by bringing amaryllis and paper white bulbs indoors to brighten our homes and make the season merrier. Amaryllis plants have large, exotic-looking blooms that vary in shades of red, pink, and white depending on the selection. Paper whites produce clusters of small, white, fragrant blooms.