In The Garden

Gardening with Vision

I think the most essential tool used while gardening isn’t gloves, pruners, or even a hand trowel. If you want to be a really good gardener, the eyes are as essential to gardening as the tools in your shed.

Winter’s Casualties

We’ve been spoiled in Birmingham, because our winters have been so mild the last few years. Tender annuals and tropical plants have been over wintering, becoming perennials, but this past winter was brutal.

Decorate Your Garden

Most people who own a house typically have a yard, but when the yard is “decorated,” it becomes a garden, a little piece of paradise right outside the door.

Have a Green House

If your home is looking empty after removing all the holiday garland, you might want to invest in a few interior plants to fill the space.

Bloom’n Bulbs for the Holidays

Good news! We don’t have to wait several months for daffodils to bloom to enjoy the beauty of bulbs. During winter’s cool weather, we can get our gardening fix by bringing amaryllis and paper white bulbs indoors to brighten our homes and make the season merrier. Amaryllis plants have large, exotic-looking blooms that vary in shades of red, pink, and white depending on the selection. Paper whites produce clusters of small, white, fragrant blooms.

Beauty and the Feast

The chilly weather makes us a little sad that we can’t bite into summer’s juicy, flavorful tomatoes, but we may give thanks that melt-in-your-mouth winter greens are plentiful and here for the pick’n.

Gardening on the Dark Side

Last spring, I stepped into the dark side as I planted the flower border. I looked for plants that had dark burgundy or blackish foliage to combine with annuals and perennials. Echoing these hues throughout the border created repetition, and the dark colors looked nice all summer but really came into play in the fall when mixed with yellow, orange and red flowers and pumpkins. These colors combined to make a Halloween treat.

Jar Full of Joy

Fall provides an explosion of color. by Charlie Thigpen   Photography by Chuck St. John      In September, summer blooms collide with fall flowers for an explosion of color. As our night temperatures dip and begin to push away summer’s stifling heat, some of the warm season plants are rejuvenated and look fresh again… Read More

Go for Grasses

Not just for the lawn, anymore. by Charlie Thigpen   Photography by Chuck St. John   There was a time when using ornamental grasses in a landscape meant planting behemoth pampas grass that grew 10- feet tall and would cut you like a razor when you rubbed against it.  Not anymore. Grasses come in many… Read More

Evolution of a Garden

Consider the changing landscape. by Charlie Thigpen Photography by Chuck St. John Every day a garden changes. It might be subtle, but gardens never stay the same because plants are living, and they grow and die. New leaves unfurl and blooms open and fade daily during the warm season, making each day in the garden… Read More

Bitten by the Bloom

Not just another pretty flower. by Charlie Thigpen   Photography by Chuck St. John So many people purchase a plant because they are drawn to the beauty of its flower. It might be the bloom size, shape or color that gets their attention, but often the plant is bought before they read the tag or… Read More