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Richey’s Choice | The Dad Trifecta | A Word From Micah

Richey’s Choice Dear Micah My brother and my best friend got into a tousle a few weeks ago and the s**t’s all hit the fan since then. This is my best friend since elementary school and my brother. My brother. That’s a spot to be in between. Both expect me to side with him and… Read More

The Reluctant Step-Children | A Different Kind of Friend | Out of “Step”

The Reluctant Step-Children Dear Micah, I am getting married in a few months to a man I truly love. My problem? My kids can’t stand him. I have three boys (14, 10, 8) and they don’t like him at all. I think it’s because they love their dad so much. They have a really close… Read More

Help Wanted: Boring Job | Wasting Time or Waiting It Out? | Definitely Wasting Time

Help Wanted: Boring Job Dear Ask Micah, The same problem keeps showing up for me and I don’t know what I am doing wrong. I have a small business that requires someone at all times to man my offices and phones. In a year I’ve been through four people. I hire them and they either… Read More

It’s a Dirty Job | Diet Woes | Deserted

It’s a Dirty Job Dear Micah, How do I get out of telling people what I do for a living? I have a job that I don’t really want to tell anyone about. Bad part is that every time you meet someone they ask “What do you do?” What’s a good way out of that?… Read More

Clueless But Pretty | Office Diplomacy | Gun Talk

Clueless But Pretty Dear Micah I’m a pretty good looking guy, I’ve been told. I work out, I’m into sports, I think I’m pretty built, I’m funny, I’m smart, basically I think I got it all going on. My problem is I am alone and I don’t know why. I have the worst luck with… Read More

College Boys | Borrowing Trouble | Banshee in the Park

College Boys Dear Micah, My eldest son Will is away at college.  He lives in his own apartment there with a roommate.  The hardest thing I ever did in my life was letting my firstborn go.  He’s a good kid, or I should say young man.  Pretty responsible and keeps his grades up.  He’s not… Read More

The Friend that Won’t Stop Complaining | Grieving Grandma | Dinner Time

The Friend that Won’t Stop Complaining Dear Micah, I came to Birmingham from Michigan because of work.  I didn’t know anyone here except my boss.  I rented a little house that is in the back of the landlord’s house.  My landlord is a nice lady I’ll call Jane.  Jane has become a friend to me. … Read More

Wedding Gift Mayhem | TV: The Forbidden Frontier | Grandma’s China Cabinet

Wedding Gift Mayhem Dear Micah, My niece is getting married soon.  My plan was to buy her something useful for the house as my present to her.  My sister, also her aunt, asked if she could go in with me on a gift so that we could get her something even better together.  I agreed,… Read More

All for All and None for One | The Late Date | The Guest That Will Not Leave

All For All and None For One Dear Micah, I never finished college when I was of college age which has caused me some setbacks in life especially with my work.  Though I have all the experience needed to fulfill higher jobs, I can never be promoted because I don’t possess that little expensive piece… Read More

Not-So-Grand Parents | A Little Help, Please | The Good Old Days

Not-So-Grand Parents Dear Ask Micah, Okay this started off when my son was born 10 years ago! And has got worse since my sister in law had her kids! My in laws (I wasn’t married at the time to him) don’t spend much time with my kids! They live 1 1/2 miles away from me!… Read More

Toxic In-law | Job Switching | Cutting People Some Slack

The Toxic In-Law Dear Micah, My family is at odds and I think my sister-in-law is to blame for most of our inner fighting.  Any time we have a rift somewhere in the family, you can bet it is traceable back to her.  Most recently she caused a big ruckus between my brother, my other… Read More